What is a Buyers’ Agent?

A Buyers’ Agent or Buyers’ Advocate represents a buyer and their needs in the purchase of a property. An exclusive Buyers’
Agent is only involved with the purchase of property and is not involved with selling property.

Why engage Allen Real Estate as your Buyers’ Agent?

A skilled Buyers’ Agent can save you money, time and stress. Reasons why we can help you by acting as your Buyers’ Agent.

>> Because we know the area, where the opportunities are (and are not!), we’ve done the research that will save you time, money, and aggravation.

>> We represent you exclusively, and work solely on your behalf. That protects your interests and helps achieve your goals.

>> We’ll handle everything involved with searching for property, inspections, negotiations and coordinating the team of experts involved in a property purchase. You can relax..

>> Since we handle everything, you won’t have to deal with sales pressure, and the actual negotiations. Our research and negotiated purchase strategy, can save you a large amount of money.

>> We work on a one-time-only fee basis. No extras, no management fees, no anything. You’ll know what everything is going to cost up-front, with no surprises at the end.

>> We know the area up-close-and-personal. What’s hot. What’s not. What will be, plus the “why” and “how” of property investment opportunities.

>> Our agent-only access data bases have up to date information on virtually ever acre of property in the city, and surrounding suburbs.

>> We are full-time fully licensed property professionals (License number: 3350900)

>> We personally inspect and gather as much background information as we can on all properties we research. This includes a considerable amount of on-site research, actually walking the area and surrounding areas, and talking with anybody who can provide us with an edge to help you purchase a quality property for a bargain price..


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