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Buying a property is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever make. Whether you’re looking to add to your portfolio of investment properties or purchase your dream home, there’s nothing more important than working with a team of trustworthy experts. Experts who have a history of helping people just like you find their perfect property in Brisbane.

Allen Real Estate has been generating market-beating returns in the Brisbane real estate
market since the 1980s, and helping others purchase their ideal property since 2009.

Let’s take a look back in time to see how we got here…  


Brisbane Comes of Age

Founder and Director of Allen Real Estate, Andrew Allen, grew up in Brisbane and watched its transformation from large country town to vibrant, in-demand city with great interest. Hosting the 1988 World Expo was a real watershed moment for Brisbane, drawing 15 million visitors and announcing its arrival on the world stage as a desirable city on the path to growth.

Growing Brisbane


A Property Boom
Like No Other

Australia as a whole outperformed other developed economies and enjoyed a prosperous decade. Above-average growth, fueled by large domestic demand, rising wages, falling unemployment and a strong international economy led to an increase in house prices and household wealth. Andrew Allen’s eyes were opened to the power of property and the incredible returns a growing market can generate.


Laying the Foundations

Having found success in the property market himself through investing, Andrew took to travelling and living between the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Europe. During this time, he studied the local markets and grew his own investment portfolio substantially. Little did he know, he was laying the foundations for what would become Allen Real Estate.

Allen Real Estate Buyers Agent
Buying in Brisbane


Allen Real Estate is Founded

Although Andrew had a young family to support, his own success in property investing gave him the confidence to translate his passion, knowledge and experience into a thriving business. Allen Real Estate was born to help property buyers secure their ideal property in Brisbane.



When it Rains, it Pours

The 2011 floods were a dark time for the city. But when disaster struck, Brisbanites pulled together to rebuild their homes and return the city to its normal vitality. From a property perspective, it left many investors ruined. Fortunately, forward planning, extensive research and due diligence meant that no property purchased through Allen Real Estate were impacted by the floods.


Beautiful Brisbane


Buy, Buy, Buy!

This was the year Allen Real Estate hit a huge milestone – more than 100 million dollars worth of property purchased…and they were showing no signs of slowing down. Andrew credits much of their success to their strong relationships with property buyers; the majority of customers are referral and repeat buyers that are pleased with their results and the team’s way of working.



With rapid business growth came the need
to add to the Allen Real Estate Team. Enter Micah Keall-Grant – a registered QLD buyer’s agent with impressive knowledge of the Brisbane Property market. An investor himself, Micah developed a keen eye for high-quality investment properties and market trends through substantial research and reading.


Growth is on the Horizon

Though the value differential between Brisbane and both Sydney and Melbourne was growing, Brisbane’s property market was buoyed by the overall growth of the Australian housing market. This trend made Brisbane a more attractive proposition for value-hungry investors operating on a 5-10 year timeframe.


The Start of the
Roaring 20'S

This year saw a property boom that rivalled the heady days of 2003.

Emerging from lockdown with a huge amount of pent up energy, buyers competed themselves into a frenzy buying property and the prices soared.



The massive 2021 boom was replaced with the doldrums of 2022 when cost of living pressures started interest rates on their upward trend, resulting in house prices falling approximately 15%.

2023 saw a return to balance in the market and savvy buyers taking advantage of the excellent buying conditions to secure high quality properties. 

Growth returned to the market for the second part of 2023 and Brisbane fully recovered from the cyclical low, achieving a new all time high by the end of the year and overtaking Melbourne as the third most expensive capital city.



2024 started off with a bang as open homes were packed right across the city and in all price ranges. Limited supply of properties and healthy demand is the situation on the ground as we look to continue building our clients property portfolios for the future.

Brisbane home

Let’s Look to the Future…



The year of the Brisbane Olympic Games.

Will you be participating in the growth of Brisbane into 2032 and beyond?

If you have a long term outlook and would like to talk to the Brisbane experts, then let’s connect.

Your Property Portfolio Hits New Highs

If you had the knowledge and understanding that generating massive returns requires working with experts
in the field and a long-term outlook, your forethought is paying off in a big way. Your portfolio of high-quality
property has allowed you to reap the benefits of your investments and your lifestyle has never been better.
Cheers to your new-found freedom!

Find Your Ideal Property with Allen Real Estate

For smart buyers who realise the way to get ahead in a competitive market is to work with a small
team of highly-qualified property experts, we offer a fully-managed, end-to-end service.

If you’re planning for a better future, be it your dream home or a portfolio of property investments,
we’ll help you map out the steps to get you there.

But the first step is yours to make. Book your free consultation and speak to a member of our team today.


We worked with Micah. He was extremely
patient, made effort in educating us rather
than just telling us what we should do, and was always available to talk/guide.

I would strongly recommend Micah to any prospective buyer and would be happy to be a reference if required.

Robin, Sunshine Coast


We would highly recommend Andrew Allen
Real Estate. Micah was prompt, patient and
so easy to work with. He has an indept
understanding of the Brisbane property
market and his advice

Thanks once again for a great service.

Deepaa, Canberra


We worked with Micah. He was extremely
patient, made effort in educating us rather
than just telling us what we should do, and was always available to talk/guide.

I would strongly recommend Micah to any prospective buyer and would be happy to be a reference if required.

Robin, Sunshine Coast


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