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Are you a local or interstate investor looking for market-beating returns, or a buyer looking for your forever home?
Our industry-leading process is the best way to discover and purchase high-quality property in the Brisbane area.

The Buyer’s Agent for Investors and
Home Buyers in Brisbane

You’ll benefit from working with Allen Real Estate if you are:

A time-poor investor looking for experts to do the time-intensive groundwork and research necessary to find high-quality properties in a competitive market. You want someone who values clear communication and proactivity as well as real estate skills.

An interstate investor looking for off-market properties who needs a team that lives and breathes Brisbane to uncover hidden gems and move on opportunities before anyone else… a team whose knowledge of the local area is unparalleled.

A homebuyer looking for your dream home, who needs someone in their corner who’ll guide you through the process, educate you and explain what’s happening at every step of the process. More than anything, we’ll look out for you and put your needs above everything else.

If you’re an investor looking to add another high-quality property to your portfolio or a buyer looking to find
your ideal home, then get in touch with Allen Real Estate today and schedule your free consultation.

Here’s how our team of knowledgeable experts will help
you find your ideal property.

Initial Property
Briefing Session

We’ll schedule a consultation to discuss what you’re looking for and why. This is our opportunity to dig a little deeper into your objectives to understand how we can help you.

If you’re an investor, we’ll look at your current portfolio, your purchasing budget and potential locations. If you’re a homebuyer, we’ll discuss your needs, financial situation and any properties you’ve already considered to get a better feel for what you want.

As successful investors ourselves, this is the perfect chance for you to ask us for our analysis of the current market and long-term investment recommendations, as well as any questions you have about our process.


Once we understand your requirements and preferences,
we’ll get to work on your behalf. We’ll use every one of our connections and all our knowledge of the Brisbane property market to shortlist properties that meet your criteria.

Every one of our team lives in Brisbane and we operate exclusively within the area. That means we know the trends, neighbourhoods and opportunities better than anyone else.

You’ll gain access to our up-to-date market research, including exclusive databases and off-market properties that are only accessible to agents like us.

You’ll receive examples of recent properties we’ve inspected, offered on, or purchased that meet your criteria, as well as properties that have the potential to be a good fit.


Inspect and Negotiate

We inspect every property that meets your requirements on your behalf, no matter whether it’s an online listing or an off-market opportunity. Because our due diligence process includes factors such as surface water drainage, structural integrity, property orientation and maintenance needs, you can be sure to avoid any nasty surprises post-purchase. It’s the same process we’ve used to purchase hundreds of homes for our clients, no matter the market conditions.

You’ll be provided with an easy-to-understand copy of our findings as well as additional information on the street and surrounding area.

We’ll provide you with our assessment of market value, recommended maximum offers and the required external reports. Then we handle negotiations to give you the best chance of obtaining your ideal property. We can even represent you at auction if needed.

Purchase and Settlement

Once your offer is accepted, our pre-settlement inspection will confirm the property meets our rigorous standards and will live up to your expectations.

Our team is with you every step of the way through the entire purchasing process. In fact, you can count on us to help arrange all the necessary services, including: conveyancing, building and pest inspections, planning reports, quantity surveyors, maintenance and property management.

So if you’re looking for a fully-managed, end-to-end buyer’s service to help you find and purchase your ideal property, schedule your free consultation today!


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We worked with Micah. He was extremely
patient, made effort in educating us rather
than just telling us what we should do, and was always available to talk/guide.

I would strongly recommend Micah to any prospective buyer and would be happy to be a reference if required.

Robin, Sunshine Coast


We would highly recommend Andrew Allen
Real Estate. Micah was prompt, patient and
so easy to work with. He has an indept
understanding of the Brisbane property
market and his advice

Thanks once again for a great service.

Deepaa, Canberra


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