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All this talk of buying, how to buy and where… but really what ARE you buying? And how is the market in terms of buying?

Well in terms of Brisbane, you are buying cleaner, greener living. With new developments driven by sustainable living, it’s the best time to buy a new build. Such developments have been a feature throughout this blog which include places such as the Kinma Valley and Yeerongpilly Green.

However, with the RBA’s recent announcement of another increase in fixed rate points, already established homes should also be considered. It was only Thursday that the rates rose again by another 1.4% meaning that the lowest fixed rate package available was just under 5% with owner-occupier packages set a minimum of 4.99%. In the last 12 months, Australia as a collective has seen rates skyrocket and the real estate market change exponentially, with Brisbane seeing this change in the form of buyers within the market. A large portion of buyers are interstate, with a range from Victoria, Northern Territory and South Australia alike all traveling to the best city of all.

So, with, what to buy, what to look out for and which already established homes to consider?

So many questions so little answers… until now. All these questions can be answered with two words kept in mind: Sustainability and Liveability.

These are the two key factors that have taken over Brisbane’s market and make it much easier for buyers to focus on when finding their perfect property. Such questions can be asked such as: Is this house my idea of living, does this property have sustainable features such as double-glazed windows, natural light, or cross-ventilation?

One property taking these ideals and bringing them into reality is 34 Elaine Avenue, Avalon Beach. This house is fully for sustainable features, reducing everyday living costs and giving its occupants a feel of quality and home. Its energy-efficient qualities are often what makes a home’s more comfortable and liveable.

To recap: Look for sustainable living in Brisbane, its everywhere and constantly popping up. Features in these homes will make living not only enjoyable but easier when needing to save on living costs. Do your homework for you.


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I would strongly recommend Micah to any prospective buyer and would be happy to be a reference if required.

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We would highly recommend Andrew Allen
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understanding of the Brisbane property
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Thanks once again for a great service.

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