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We know it cops a little flak when up against Melbourne in the gastro stakes, but our little Brisbane city is definitely up-and-coming competition in regards to food and beverages.

Let’s take a little wander through Brisvegas’ CBD for a taste-test of the best places to eat and drink.



Bonsai Bontanika – 109 Elizabeth St

With its beautiful ‘rainforest cabin’ décor and amazing lattés, Bonsai Bontanika café is utterly enchanting. The result is a completely relaxing, homey feel, and when paired with one of their flourless matcha-chocolate brownies, absolute indulgence.

Brew – Burnett Lane

Tucked away just off Albert St on Queen St Mall, is the squashy little café known as Brew. Don’t be thrown by the ‘hipster’ image, the usual suspects hanging in Brew may be a little pretentious don’t have to ruin your Brew experience. Settle in, order one of their legendary chilli-chocolate Chai lattes and forget you’re sitting just under the city’s busiest shopping precincts.



funny-funnyFunny Funny – 85 George St

If you’re looking for a romantic, candlelit dinner for two, this might be the wrong place to go. No matter the night, Funny Funny is packed to the rafters with families, friends, students and businessmen enjoying high-quality Korean BBQ or hotpot.

The food is lip-smackingly good, and best shared between a big group of people, so invite all your friends over for a good time. It’s also open until 3am, so feel free to party as long as you like!

Pancake Manor – 18 Charlotte St

Pancake Manor has established itself as a Brisbane landmark, and after visiting, you’ll see why.

This 24-hour slice of heaven serves sweet or savoury crepes and pancakes around the clock, as well as many other delicious main meals in a former church, giving the whole place an almost ethereal vibe. There’s also a 10% student discount, so buddy up with a few of your uni pals and head on over.



Stock Exchange Hotel – 131 Edward St

Trying desperately to shake the ‘trashy’ image it’s been saddled with, the Stock Exchange has done itself up with some pretty snazzy renovations, and boy, does it look good! Formerly trashy or not, the rooftop bar is now draped in greenery and fairy lights, and provides a stunning view of the city. The cocktail jugs aren’t half-bad either, if you ask us!

Fridays-RiversideFriday’s Riverside – 123 Eagle St

Popular with young and old alike, Friday’s Riverside bar is the perfect spot to hit after a long workday in the city. The outdoor patio provides a wonderful ground for mixing and mingling with new people, while the inside dancefloor and DJ booth allow you to dance the night away if desired.

Just watch out for the fountains outside – after a big night, many are known to have accidentally fallen in!

So there you have it, a big wrap-up of all the great places to hit in Brisbane when you’re looking for a cup of coffee, a feed, a drink, or all three. Happy hunting!


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