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Another Blog another crazy week for the Real Estate market.

So, let’s shift out focus.

Whilst looking for your next home is about finding the right layout, shape and size of the property itself, there is also the added fact of where you are buying. This doesn’t necessarily mean just the neighbourhood or street but rather the greater expansion and adventures that you and your loved ones will experience.

This is what makes Brisbane the true ‘Lifestyle Capitol’. Amongst its wealth of sustainable thinking within its community minded folks, Brisbane boasts large expansions of greenery and a sense of giving back to its environment through the ideals of architects adding in plane, bushland, and planting mountains of trees. This is then added to the fact that new developments are also inspiring old homes to add sustainable features as previously discussed such as double-glazed windows and cross-ventilation. Brisbane’s dedicated architects are here to bring you the best in all forms of living.

And whilst these factors are fantastic for all interested parties, buyers might also be to look as some of Brisbane’s attractive sites and sceneries.

Here are just some of the goodies to be found in Brisbane’s CBD and included areas:


Eat Street Northshore

New Farm Park

Story Bridge Adventure Climb

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

These are just a few of the great attractions on offer when living in such a thriving city, however the main bonus of Brisbane is that these are never ‘once and once only’ places to visit. Brisbane’s attractions offer something new every time you visit, meaning all weekends, weeknights and holidays can be packed with fulfilling, soul nurturing goodness of markets, food and of course… cuddly Koalas.

So next time you’re itching to scope out the Brisbane real estate market, be sure to check out not only the neighbourhood but the surrounding area that could be your new place to call home.


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