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photo of rainTop temperatures in Brisbane have a habit of bringing in raging storms throughout summer, which can get pretty ugly if you’re not prepared for them. Here are our top tips for staying safe this storm season in Brisbane.

Sign up for an early warning alert

The Brisbane City Council offers an Early Warning Alert Service which notifies registered residents of severe and urgent weather alerts in their area. Residents are encouraged to sign up through Brisbane Early Warning Alert Service to stay abreast of thunderstorm, hail storm, destructive wind, cyclone and flood risks in their neighbourhood.

Check your home-readiness

Extreme weather can strike at any time, which means that you should maintain a certain degree of home-readiness to reduce your risk of severe damage to your property. The Brisbane City Council has its own checklist for ensuring your home-readiness, but some simple things to maintain include cleaning your gutters and drains of leaves and debris, being aware of the strongest place in your home to shelter and securing all securable items in your yard or balcony.

photo of emergency kitKeep a full ‘emergency pack’ in an accessible place

An emergency pack is fairly essential in staying safe this storm season. You may never have to use it, but it’s a great thing to have on hand just in case. Your pack should include, but not be limited to; a full first-aid kit containing bandages, disinfectant and painkillers, tinned food, a battery-operated radio, a torch, spare phone/radio/torch batteries and water-tight plastic sandwich bags in case you need to transport important things like documents or photographs in wet weather. You should also have a list of emergency phone numbers saved in your phone, such as the SES, a trusted electrician and your insurance provider.

Be flood-aware

The intensely destructive floods in 2011 are still fresh in Brisbanites’ minds, meaning we should all have a pretty good idea of how to stay safe in floods. Using the Brisbane City Council flood-risk guide, you should be aware of your personal flood risk to your home and/or business and plan accordingly. Main points of being flood-aware include; considering where and how water flows around your property, planning multiple evacuation routes accordingly, ensuring you are knowledgeable about your flood insurance and keeping all important documents in one place in case you need to grab them quickly while evacuating.

Make the BOM webpage your best friendphoto of Bureau of Meteorology Australia logo

The Bureau of Meteorology has an exceptionally comprehensive and useful website, which includes a live radar of weather events in your area, a list of urgent weather warnings and a largely accurate forecast.

Do not discount this wonderful source, and bookmark the page now.

Hopefully we’ve covered the main things to keep you safe during this storm season. Remember, this blog is simply a guide, and if you are concerned about your personal risk, do not hesitate to contact the Brisbane City Council for further resources. And definitely don’t worry too much and ruin your summer – if you’re prepared and aware, it is unlikely that anything truly terrible will happen to you. Stay safe Brisbane!

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